VOLUME 3 - NUMBER 2 - 2021

Psychosomatically oriented obstetrics and perinatal medicine

  • Goetz Egloff, Ludwig Janus, Dragana Djordjevic, Otwin Linderkamp
  • Short review, 60-62
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  • Mothers-to-be and couples making the transition to parenthood are often confronted with lay people‚Äôs opinions on various aspects of pregnancy and birth. The disciplines of obstetrics and perinatal medicine can use their strong influence on the course of pregnancy and the developmental outcome of the infant by incorporating psychosomatic observations and insights on reproduction, motherhood and childhood, taking different perspectives into account. A supportive developmental medicine approach can focus on the mother and the developing child in both the familial and the social context. Influential factors in pregnancy and mental health are here discussed from a psychosomatic point of view.

  • KEY WORDS: Psychosomatics, perinatal, pregnancy, birth, mental health, infant.