VOLUME 4 - NUMBER 2-3 - 2022

Caesarean scar endometriosis: Is it time for us to pay more attention to this complication?

  • Lim Whui Whui
  • Case reports, 76-78
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  • Caesarean scar endometriosis is the result of inoculation of endometrial tissue in the scar during surgery. Due to the increase in the numbers of caesarean sections being performed world-wide, what was once a rare complication of endometriosis is now fast becoming more prevalent. Physicians’ knowledge of its existence and preventive methods are, however, lagging behind: much focus has been placed on the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis per se, but not of its complications. We present the case of a patient who faced a delay in diagnosis and management but was eventually treated with surgical excision of her caesarean scar endometriosis, with effective relief of her symptoms. Additional imaging and a multi-disciplinary input were beneficial in contributing to her management. This case highlights the urgency of increasing awareness and emphasizing the need of taking additional steps during surgery to prevent this complication.

  • KEY WORDS: Caesarean scar endometriosis, abdominal wall endometriosis, endometriosis, endometriotic nodule.