VOLUME 3 - NUMBER 2 - 2021

Diagnosis and surgical treatment of vulvar synechia in an adult woman. Case report.

  • Emergui Zrihen Yonit, Nieto Naya Maria de los Angeles, Valle Morales Leonor, Martín Martínez Alicia Inmaculada
  • Case reports, 76-78
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  • Labial fusion is a benign genital disorder, more frequently seen in girls in their first years of life. The reported incidence is between 0.3% and 3.3%. Its etiology is unclear. There are some factors that can promote its appearance, such as poor hygiene; or it can be the consequence of physiological hypoestrogenism, which produces atrophic changes, or chronic inflammation of the skin and mucosa. It is generally without symptoms, which is why it is usually diagnosed by chance. Its treatment can be conservative or surgical, depending on the degree of labial fusion. This report presents the case of a 32-year-old patient in whom vulvar synechia was diagnosed in the context of urinary retention.The case was resolved with surgical treatment.

  • KEY WORDS: Vulvar synechia, labial fusion.