VOLUME 4 - NUMBER 2-3 - 2022

Unilateral twin ectopic gestation: report of a case

  • Yolanda Gil-González, Nelda Benítez-Castillo, María A. Santana-Suárez,Marta Armas-Roca, Lourdes Roldán Gutierrez, Mónica Álvarez-Sánchez, Alicia I. Martín-Martínez
  • Case reports, 79-81
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  • Unilateral ectopic twin gestation is a rare entity with few cases described in the literature. The estimated incidence is around 1/20,000-250,000 of all pregnancies and 1/200 ectopic pregnancies. Its management remains a challenge for professionals. Diagnosis and treatment should be performed early, with surgery being the mainstay of treatment. We present the case of a 33-year-old female patient presenting with an ectopic twin gestation after in vitro fertilization, who was surgically managed.

  • KEY WORDS: Ectopic twin gestation, in vitro fertilization, surgically, assisted reproductive techniques.