VOLUME 3 - NUMBER 3 - 2021

Verrucous carcinoma of the vulva and pregnancy: case description and literature review

  • Elia Archilla Andrés, Norberto Medina Ramos, Yaned Lourdes Santana Mateo, Miguel Andújar Sánchez, Patricia Escamilla Galindo, Alicia Martín Martínez
  • Case reports, 133-135
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  • Verrucous carcinoma is a very rare entity, accounting for less than 1% of vulvar neoplasms. Although a peak incidence in women of childbearing age has been documented, this entity is rarely found in pregnant women. We present the first case published in English of a giant vulvar verrucous carcinoma, treated during the second trimester of pregnancy by surgical excision with margins free of disease. The pregnancy subsequently developed uneventfully and terminated at week 42. The patient gave birth by eutocic delivery to a male infant weighing 3765 g. At the first neonatal follow-up examination at two months of life, an oropharyngeal exudate culture was performed, which yielded negative results for HPV infection, and five years later the patient has not presented recurrences. We conclude that active management of vulvar verrucous carcinoma during pregnancy is an acceptable and safe option, which allows for the treatment of the disease along with normal development of pregnancy and childbirth without posing extra risks to the mother or the newborn.

  • KEY WORDS: Verrucous carcinoma, vulvar neoplasms, vulva surgery, pregnancy.